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How We Give

One of the dilemmas facing most charitable foundations is the unknown admin cost associated with the charities one typically donates to. Meaning that the money, time or donations don’t all go to help the community or the youth in that community.

To remove this, the Valley Guardians donated our own money, to cover the overhead cost of running this event. We do this so that 100% of ALL proceeds go directly to the charities. We focus on making a deep impact with a small group of deserving kids. Through the Valley Guardians, we can create a network where we can pull together and create an impactful difference.


Valley Guardians – Challenge Foundation

The Challenge Foundation, offers education, mentorship, and leadership opportunities to students from 5th grade through college helping each step of the way. With the help of the Valley Guardians, we have provided over 60 children with full-ride scholarships and support services to attend prestigious private middle schools and college preparatory schools.

Valley Guardians – Santo Nino

The Santo Nino Mission offers outreach programs in one of the poorest communities in Phoenix. We do this by Our Easter and Christmas Initiatives, which include presents, food, and other important works. We help children in the poorest families have great holidays, and provide a sense of stability and hope.

Valley Guardians – Leadership Society of Arizona

The Leadership Society of Arizona works with students one-on-one to help them create a Personal Improvement Plan focused on mentoring, coaching, and building self-confidence to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Valley Guardians – Phoenix Children’s Hospital

We are very excited to announce our initiative with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We will be working closely to support families with sick children, and help them through challenging times. By alleviating the financial burden these families face, they can focus more on recovery and quality time with their children.

Other Causes

The Genesis Academy & Valley Guardian Trailblazer Scholarship is provided to at-risk students to level the educational playing field, by lifting them out of hardship, and bridge the gap. We do this by providing school supplies, mentoring services, and supporting them into college.

The remaining donated dollars assist disadvantaged families with sick children to help cover medical expenses. The Valley Guardians believe the last thing a family needs is to worry about finances when their child is sick, and the Valley Guardians board ensures the dollars are distributed to those truly in need.


If you are interested in donating outside of an event, cheques can be payable to Valley Guardians and sent to 14555 N Scottsdale Rd, STE 200, Scottsdale AZ 85254