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Phoenix Charity Helping Children
Reach Their Full Potential

The Valley Guardians is an Arizona Nonprofit changing the lives of children in the valley by guiding impoverished youth to reach their full potential through education, mentorship, financial assistance and medical assistance.

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Over $1.5 Million Dollars Raised

Over 1500 Children Helped

$0 Operating Budget

Overcoming The Barriers To Success

Many children from low-income families experience high dropout rates from school, and continue the cycle of poverty. For many children there are education gaps and barriers that can prevent them from reaching their full potential. We work with the best nonprofits in Phoenix, to arm kids with the tools to success so we can end generational poverty for good. The Valley Guardians gives every penny donated to the children to teach them how to have a better life. With your donation you can help us end generational poverty right here in Arizona.

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Phoenix Charity Making The Biggest Impact

We want to end generational poverty in the valley. In order to do this, we are going to the root cause, and teaching children how to tap into their full potential. We do this by helping deserving kids into the best educational and mentorship opportunities available. We provide financial and medical assistance to families with sick children so that families can focus more on recovery and quality time. We want to make the largest impact as a children’s charity in Phoenix. Unlike other charities in Arizona, we have a $0 operating budget. That means 100% of your donation goes to where it is needed most, the children in the valley!

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How We Give


With your donation to the Valley Guardians, we support over 45+ children to break the cycle of poverty through mentoring, tutoring, and education with scholarships to the best private schools. The Challenge Foundation programs offer education, mentorship, and leadership opportunities to students from 5th grade through college helping each step of the way.



The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program provides multi-year mentoring to over 45 at-risk students, Kolbe index and Enneagram testing, and scholarship funding up to $5,000 per year for 4 years! We work with students one-on-one to help them create a Personal Improvement Plan focused on mentoring, coaching, and building self-confidence to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Financial Assistance

The Valley Guardians Santo Nino Initiatives has provided over 18,000 Pounds of Food, 2000+ Christmas Presents, and 600 Back to School backpacks for children in need, in the past few years.We help children in the poorest communities in the valley have great holidays, and provide a sense of stability and hope.

Medical Assistance

The Guardian Fund with Phoenix Children’s Hospital totaling $175,000+ provides direct financial and medical assistance with patients’ and their families’ unforeseen expenses while at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We work closely to support families with sick children, and help them through challenging times. By alleviating the financial burden these families face, they can focus more on recovery and quality time with their children.


How We Are Changing Arizona

The Valley Guardians know that you want to make the biggest impact and change with your donation. To do that you need to know that your donation is being used to make a real difference in our community. The problem is, many charities have administrative costs that eat away at your donation, which means less goes to the children in the valley. The Valley Guardians believe that every cent raised should go directly to helping children’s reach their full potential. We understand that children deserve every chance at success which is why we have a $0-dollar operating budget, so your money goes directly to the future of the children of our community.

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About Us

The Valley Guardians are a network of entrepreneurial guardians guiding youth through education, mentorship and resources to arm them with an opportunity to achieve their full potential for success. As business leaders in varying industries in Phoenix, we saw that a large portion of donations made to Arizona charities was going to administrative costs, not the cause. We focus on making a deep impact with a small group of deserving kids right here in the valley. The Valley Guardians donates our own money to cover the overheads, running on a $0 dollar operating budget. We do this so that 100% of ALL proceeds go directly to the children of our hometown. Through the Valley Guardians, created a network where local businesses can see and make a better future for the youth in Arizona.

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As a sponsor you and your business will be making a visible difference right here in your hometown. As a Phoenix Charity, we make sure that deserving children get the opportunity to succeed and offer the best education and mentorship opportunities. We also work with deserving families to alleviate their financial and medical costs. From Christmas presents to scholarships, every cent of your donation goes directly to the children to help them build a better future. Additionally, as a network of Arizona’s most prominent business owners, The Valley Guardians can connect you to the CEOs, and entrepreneurs who are actively growing their businesses, here in Phoenix. At the center of our events, your business can make legendary connections that catapult you to the next level of success, all while helping those most at need. We go above and beyond to give you visibility, brand recognition, and awareness of your business needs. Not only will you receive social shoutouts, but depending on your sponsorship, you will receive custom PR opportunities and coveted tickets to our Sponsor Appreciation event.

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