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Through EDUCATION, MENTORSHIP, and a lot of FUN, we’re transforming dreams into realities! We believe in the power of OPPORTUNITY, and that is exactly what we provide kids in the valley who need it most.

We’re MORE than just an organization – we’re a community of entrepreneurs, and business owners PASSIONATELY COMMITTED to changing children’s lives in our backyard, providing them the tools to not just reach their full potential but make a lasting positive impact in our community.

Our Impact

Over $3 Million Dollars Raised

Over 8,500 Children Helped

$0 Operating Budget

Overcoming The Barriers To Success

Many children from low-income families face the challenge of high dropout rates, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. However, as a community, we bridge the education gaps and overcome the barriers that block their full potential. We empower these children to reach new heights and find their true potential. We’re transforming dreams into tangible realities through education, mentorship, and a lot of FUN.

Every penny you donate goes directly into powering up our next generation of leaders. You’re not just giving money – you’re giving OPPORTUNITIES, creating a lasting impact right here in Phoenix!

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Your generous donation to the Valley Guardians empowers over 60+ children to break free from the cycle of poverty. Through mentoring, tutoring, and scholarships to top private schools, we provide them with transformative educational opportunities. The Challenge Foundation programs are committed to nurturing students from 5th grade through college, offering unwavering support as they excel at every stage.


The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program is dedicated to transforming the lives of over 45+ at-risk students! With our multi-year mentoring and up to $5,000 per year scholarship funding for 4 years, we empower students to reach their full potential! We provide personalized mentoring, coaching, and support. Together, we build self-confidence and instill lifelong skills that will positively impact the children in our community.

Financial Assistance

The Valley Guardians + Santo Nino Initiatives have gone above and beyond, delivering over 20,000 Pounds of Food, 8,000 Christmas Presents, and 4,800 Back to School backpacks to children in need. We’re dedicated to making sure the kids in the poorest communities of the valley experience unforgettable holidays and feel a sense of stability and hope.

Medical Assistance

The Guardian Fund, in partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital, goes above and beyond to provide direct financial and medical assistance. Together, we stand by families facing unforeseen expenses during their time at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Our mission is to support and uplift these families with sick children, guiding them through challenging times. By easing the financial burden, we enable them to focus on what truly matters – their children’s recovery and cherishing quality time together.
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Helping Children in Phoenix

You’re here because you want to make a BIG IMPACT with your donation, right? Well, the Valley Guardians are all about that! We know you need to know that your contribution is creating REAL difference in our community!

Children deserve EVERY CHANCE at success, and we’re here to make sure they get it! How do we do it? With our $0-dollar operating budget! That’s right – every cent of your donation fuels the FUTURES of the children in our community. Every single penny should go DIRECTLY to helping our children reach their full potential!

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Become a Corporate Sponsor

Are you ready to fuel your business growth while making a visible difference in your hometown? As a corporate sponsor, you’ll be doing so much more than just donating funds. You’ll be sparking change, shaping futures, and creating a legacy of giving. Here’s how:

  • Access High Potential Talent: Open the door to high potential high school internship talent. It’s an investment in your future and theirs!
  • Build a Local Network: Connect with some of the most successful and like-minded business leaders in the valley. Create synergies for sales, marketing, and team-building purposes. Together, we can build this tribe and ensure our mission follows.
  • Boost Your Brand Locally: By sponsoring our major events, you’ll enhance your brand’s local visibility and reputation. Show the world that you’re dedicated to making the Valley a better place by helping those with potential but lacking the means to maximize it.
  • Engage Your Team: Studies show that workplace giving and volunteer opportunities result in a happier and more engaged workplace. As a corporate sponsor, we’ll provide your team with multiple opportunities to participate in events where they can give back to their local community.

Ready to join the EXCITEMENT? Ready to make an IMPACT?

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About Us: The Valley Guardians

We’re the Valley Guardians – a network of entrepreneurs, guiding the youth in our community to UNLEASH their full potential through education, mentorship, and resources. As business leaders from diverse industries in Phoenix, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of our community!

Our Mission is to level the playing field for high-potential, underserved children in the Valley. To do this, we are committed to fostering a community of passionate entrepreneurs and business leaders who are dedicated to empowering children to reach their full potential and have fun while doing it. We believe in fun, transparency, and the power of a close-knit community to create change for children. With 100% of donations going straight to the cause, we’re building a brighter future for our children in our Valley. We’re in the business of crafting future Valley Guardians, one success story at a time.

The Valley Guardians is more than just a charity – it’s a NETWORK, a COMMUNITY, where local businesses can see – and more importantly, CREATE – a brighter future for the youth in Phoenix.

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