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2022 presenting sponsor

How can we make the largest impact? This is a constant driving question for The Valley Guardians to ensure we help more children in the valley have a better life.

We have taken a 4 pillar approach to address the challenge of children today, such as health, mentorship, education, and financial assistance. Through these programs, we help children all unlock their full potential and have better lives.

The Valley Guardians have a 0 dollar operating budget, and with the help of today’s presenting sponsor, means that all donations given go directly to our cause, making sure we can continue to make the largest possible impact possibly.

We are proud to announce our first-ever Presenting sponsor, Subu Capital – Our 2022 whose donation ensures we can continue to have the largest possible impact and ensure your donations go directly to the children in the valley!

Meet Subu Capital

With a slogan of “Be Good, Do Good”, Subu Capital is a shining example of how businesses give back to their community, and customers, and make a difference.

“What I love most about our business is that we get to look for great people and companies to invest in and help them grow an organization that can impact large amounts of people. The principles in the companies we acquire say they love the support, experience, and teamwork approach we bring which allows them to find solutions to issues they otherwise would not have been able to solve.” – said Lance Manywounds,  Founder of Subu Capital.

Subu Capital buys large minority or majority stakes in lower middle market companies in the real estate and tech (ML, AI specifically) space. As a smaller boutique firm, they +have a lot of flexibility on the types of companies they invest in and how they can get involved in their operations.

“We like to be very hands-on in the business to help it scale and be a partner to the current principle(s) should they decide to stay on.” – continued Lance Manywounds,  Founder of Subu Capital.

What Is A Presenting Sponsor

To ensure that 100% of our donations go to the causes, Valley Guardians has a $0-dollar operating budget, offset by board member dues and Presenting Sponsor donations.

The Presenting Sponsor donation goes directly to the operations of Valley Guardians ensuring we can continue to help as many children in the valley by providing donations go where they are needed most.

Presenting Sponsors donate directly to Valley Guardians to help us maintain a $0-dollar operating budget so your donations can go directly to help the children in the valley!

Making An Impact

“My wife and I have always supported causes and charities related to helping underserved/underprivileged children and young adolescents since we both have very strong connections to paying it forward to help children better than lives. One of my biggest goals is to help 1 billion people” – shared Lance Manywounds, Founder of Subu Capital.

With the help of our donors, sponsors, and presenting sponsor, The Valley Guardians impact the impoverished youth in Arizona to provide them with scholarships, school supplies, and leadership and mentorship opportunities to guide them to a more successful future.

How Your Donation To The Valley Guardians makes an impact:

  • The Valley Guardians Santo Nino Initiatives provides over 18,000 Pounds of Food, 2000+ Christmas Presents, and 600 Back to School backpacks for children in need,
  • The Guardian Fund with Phoenix Children’s Hospital Over $175,000 in direct financial and medical assistance with patients’ and their families’ unforeseen expenses while at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program Multi-year mentoring to over 45 at-risk students
  • The Challenge Foundation Helps children to break the cycle of poverty through mentoring, tutoring, and education with scholarships to the best private schools.


See how your donation makes an impact on kids in the valley here:

Leaving A Legacy

Thank you, Subu Capital for your generous support of the Valley Guardians and our community! With the help of our sponsors, we can continue to ensure that 100% of donations made to the Valley Guardians can go directly to the children of our valley. 

Thank you Subu Capital – Our First 2022 Presenting Sponsor!