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Your 2021 Impact

By January 13, 2022Updates

As we ring in the new year, and set our sights for 2022, we wanted to reflect on all the growth we had seen in 2021. The Valley Guardians have been busy behind the scenes to ensure that we are making a bigger and better impact right here in our home town.

The Valley Guardians launched 2021 off with our largest raise yet, where at our 5th annual auction we raised over a million dollars! Here is how we spent the past year and made a difference for children in the Valley:

The Valley Guardian and Santo Nino Initiatives

The Santo Nino Catholic community is one of the most poverty-stricken areas of the Valley. The Valley Guardians offer year-round support to the Santo Nino mission to help give children a better life. We do these through our Holiday and Back to School initiatives.

In 2021 We Worked With The Santo Nino Community To Provide:

  • 750 Christmas Presents For Children in The Valley
  • Delivered Over 9000 Pounds of Food, In Over 500  Food Baskets
  • Over 700 Easter Baskets For Families Impacted By COVID-19
  • 200 Back to School Backpacks filled with school supplies

The Challenge Foundation

The Challenge Foundation helps smart, ambitious, and hard-working students break the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities. The Challenge Foundation takes a whole-student approach, awarding tuition scholarships, and individualized support services to students from underserved communities. This unique and comprehensive approach include:

  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • College preparedness
  • Service-learning opportunities

Thanks to your donations in 2021 we were able to enroll 7 New Children In The Challenge Foundation, Boosting the number of Challenge Students To Over 40!

Valley Guardian Executive Leadership Program

The Valley Guardians work closely with the Leadership Society of Arizona to offer a life-changing mentorship opportunity to children in the valley, by helping children reach their full potential. The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program was designed to provide success coaching for students (ages 12-18) with financial needs.

This program provides:

  • Full Scholarship for 2 Scholars, Covering The Complete Cost For Flight School, and Graphic Design.
  • Multi-year coaching opportunity to help students become happier, more successful, and plan for their futures.
  • Kolbe index and Enneagram testing to help students learn more about themselves, and how they interact with the world around them.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Guardian Fund

The Valley Guardians officially partnered with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation and created The Guardian Fund.  Totaling $50,000 dollars, The Guardian Fund will be used to help at-risk families that are affected during these critical times in need.

This includes:

  • Assistance with families during their stay at Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Direct medical expense assistance with treatments. Direct assistance with patients/families’ unforeseen expenses while at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • Have helped over 45 families and children in dire need to date.  From rent, car payments, medical bills, food, insurance payments, electricity and medical devices.
  • Average assistance per family is roughly $1,300.00


In 2021 we were able to help more families, and children have better futures. The Valley Guardians continue to build a better future for children here in the Valley, and are looking to help more children and families in 2022.

The Valley Guardians, with the help of your generous donations, are changing the lives and futures of children in the Valley. Thank you for being a Valley Guardian and making a lasting impact for children and families.