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Recipient Update: Laying The Foundation For Success

By June 13, 2022Updates
LSA Recipient Update: Laying The Foundation For Success

LSA Recipient Update: Laying The Foundation For Success

One of the most important pillars of Valley Guardians is mentorship, which is why we work closely with LSA to provide a one-of-a-kind mentorship program. The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program provides multi-year mentoring to over 45 at-risk students, working with students one-on-one to help them create Personal Improvement Plans focused on mentoring, coaching, and building self-confidence to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Today we share our spotlight on Jason, who shows how through planning and persistence, anyone can radically change their life.

Jason’s Story

Jason joined The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program in 2020 when he was a senior at Betty Fairfax High School. Like most starting scholars, Jason was unsure of his life path after high school. Jason had been diagnosed with high functioning autism which presents various difficulties, but through guidance and mentorship was able to navigate the difficult next steps post-graduation.

Jason thrived in the leadership program from the start.  His energetic participation at every in-person event led to him becoming the most consistent and reliable student for all in-person activities in the program!

Through the first year of the program, Jason was able to graduate high school and get accepted to community college.

While Jason had originally signed up for a full-time schedule, it proved to be very difficult to manage at the time.  With the guidance of the leadership mentoring program, he focused more effort on finding employment, he was quickly hired by a company that provides aid to people with mental handicaps. Wanting to pursue his education Jason moved to a part-time course load and enjoy a schoolwork balance that allows him to give back, help others and pursue hobbies.

The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program is helping him to build the foundations of a successful life. He still helps his high school band, and recently purchased his dream car, a 2012 Acura TSX.

“Being in the program has brought me a great deal of gratitude. It has helped me to reorganize my thoughts better, be more organized with my plans for my life, and to boost my confidence… Because of the leadership coaching program, I can look forward to a brighter future for myself. For all of this, I have the utmost gratitude.” – Jason Carvalho

Valley Guardian Executive Leadership Program

“The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Coaching program has really helped Jason believe more in himself, boosted his confidence, become more organized in his thoughts and his life, and allowed him to endure and strive for higher goals. I have always had high aspirations for my children, but I definitely think that the leadership coaching program has influenced Jason all for the better and has allowed him to believe more in himself and to become a great leader of tomorrow.”  – Christina Friedrich (Mother)

The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program helps children throughout the Valley through mentorship and education. By helping children and young adults build out their skill set for life, such as problem-solving, and planning.

Thank You for supporting the Valley Guardians, and congratulations to Jason for his amazing progress!