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Corporate Sponsor Highlight: Gibson

The Valley Guardians are changing the lives of children by guiding impoverished youth to reach their full potential through education, mentorship, financial assistance, and medical assistance.  With these tools, The Valley Guardians make a lifelong impact on children in our community.

With the help and generous donations of our corporate sponsors, we are able to continue to change the lives of children. Today’s corporate sponsor Gibson is no stranger to the importance of education or building up their communities. We are proud to introduce today’s sponsor, Gibson Insurance.

Meet Gibson

Gibson is a full-service insurance broker. They are advisory consultants with a passion for helping their clients get to the proactive side of insurance. Whether you are looking for a strategy for employee benefits, business insurance, private client groups, or more, Gibson will identify solutions, and create custom plans that are optimal for you!

Gibson was founded nearly 100 years ago, and as an employee-owned business, its team is its most valued asset. This gives them the edge over other companies as employees are dedicated to helping their clients and are passionate about the solutions you need for your business.

For Gibson, nothing is more important than education. This is why they prioritize customer education and ensure their own success toward their most important goals! Client education and preparation is a core step in any of their services to ensure client success, as proven through their approach with Sightline.

Sightline is Gibson’s proven, proactive, guided approach to broadening the view of insurance. With Sightline, Gibson finds the optimized insurance that is more than coverage. Taking your values, vision, employee talent, and short and long-term plans to create a plan that works best for you!

You can learn more about Gibson, and all their amazing services here!

Success Through Education

One of the ways that The Valley Guardians make a lasting impact in our community is through education. With access to education and mentoring, we are helping children overcome many barriers to success and reach their full potential!

Many children from low-income families experience high dropout rates from school and continue the cycle of poverty. For many children, there are education gaps and barriers that can prevent them from reaching their full potential.

In order to combat this, we are teaching children how to tap into their full potential. We do this by helping deserving kids into the best educational and mentorship opportunities available.

  • The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program provides: multi-year mentoring to at-risk students. Over 85% of students accomplishing goals including improved academic performance, college acceptance, and employment.
  • The Challenge Foundation provides: mentoring, tutoring, and education with scholarships to the best private schools. Scholars have a 100% college acceptance rate!

With the support of our donors, and corporate sponsors, we can continue to provide educational support such as scholarships, one-on-one coaching, mentorship programs, personal improvement plans, and goal setting!

Making An Impact In Our Communities

The idea of making a deep impact with a very defined group of children, is what was appealing about The Valley Guardians mission. Gibson is very proud to release their Community Impact report.  Gibson invested over $1.4 million dollars into communities and continues to grow their impact on communities and those that need it most.

Gibson and The Valley Guardians know the value in making an impact.  This is why Valley Guardians has a $0-dollar operating budget and 100% of donations go to the children!

Thank you, Gibson, for being a Corporate Sponsor!

You can learn more about Gibson below: