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Valley Guardian Corporate Sponsor Highlight: Goldwater Bank, NA

The Valley Guardians is a non-profit with a $0 dollar operating budget. This ensures that all donations go directly to the children who need it most. With the help of our corporate sponsors, we can continue to better the lives of well deserving children in the valley.

Goldwater Bank, NA, truly believes in making a difference in people’s lives and helping people to reach their full potential. From in-house and remote employees, or first-time and repeat clients, and out in the community that surrounds their branches in 48 states, they are always looking to give back and make a difference.

To express our gratitude to our sponsors, we dive deeper to learn more about what they do, and how they give back to the community. Today we are honored to share Goldwater Bank NA and its mission!

Coming Together To Make A Difference

“We first heard of the Valley Guardians through a current client who is passionate about making a difference in his community and does so through the Valley Guardians. He discussed the mission of the Valley Guardians with such enthusiasm, that it piqued our interest to learn more about how Goldwater Bank, NA could get involved and give back to our community through this charity,” said Julie Merhege, Director, Bank President & Chief Operating Officer.

With the help of our corporate sponsors, The Valley Guardians can continue to change the lives of children in the Valley. We do this through our 4 pillars of our charitable works which are mentorship, education, medical, and financial assistance.

“The Valley Guardians mission stood out to us for many reasons.  First, the Valley Guardians is based in Phoenix, similarly to Goldwater Bank, NA’s corporate office, which allows us the opportunity to make a difference right outside of our corporate doors. They also operate on a $0 budget, allowing 100 percent of all proceeds to be allocated to children in need. The Valley Guardians works to guide impoverished youth to reach their full potential through education, mentorship, financial assistance, and medical assistance and Goldwater Bank, NA is honored to sponsor such a respectable philanthropy.”  said Kent Wiechert, CEO of Goldwater Bank.

Meet Goldwater Bank


Goldwater Bank, NA is a financial institution unlike any other. With the top-rated personal and business services offering the flexibility for any of your needs. With a corporate headquarters located in Phoenix, they serve Arizonians through banking, auto loans, and commercial financing, and we have expanded our mortgage division to 48 states. Goldwater Bank, NA prides itself on their ability to serve a wide range of clients through their diverse financial needs.

“Under the leadership of Kent Wiechert the successes we have all experienced are due to his commitment to an outstanding plan of working together to exceed the expectations of our clients daily. Mr. Wiechert is not only a successful businessman, but he is also very passionate about family, faith, and a great round of golf. His drive and vision have brought us all together, and continue to grow our company” said Julie Merhege, Director, Bank President & Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Wiechert acquired Goldwater Bank and joined the Board of Directors in 2015. He attended the University of New Mexico where he majored in finance and is a veteran of the US Navy. Kent’s extensive background in innovative technology solutions, private and agency loan servicing and mortgage loan origination provides the day-to-day leadership for the executive teams of both companies which in aggregate are constituted of over 50 different acquisitions which he’s conducted throughout his career in business.

“Results. We are motivated by results. We are motivated by the drive within each of our individual employees. We are motivated by the drive to spend everyday wanting to do better and be better than we were the day before.”  said Kent Wiechert, CEO of Goldwater Bank.

Building Success For The Future

“As a financial institution, it is easy to define success based on numbers and revenue. Goldwater Bank, NA measures our success based on our ability to execute and exceed our own expectations of our Mission & Core Values: Customer satisfaction, retaining and growth of employees, integrity, communication, and being a partner in the community.” said Julie Merhege, Director, Bank President & Chief Operating Officer.

The Valley Guardians is a non-profit in Arizona, with a $0 dollar operating budget, making sure 100% of all the money raised goes directly to help children in the valley. With the help of our corporate sponsors, The Valley Guardians raised over a million dollars for the children in the valley.

Together, we are helping kids that need it most. We do this by providing and covering medical expenses, education, mentoring, tutoring, school supplies, and more. We are working closely with The Challenge Foundation, Genesis Academy, and Santo Nino Community to change the lives of children, right here, in the valley.

Goldwater Bank is committed to improving and enhancing our communities across the nation by donating our time and efforts to creating a better environment for all those within our neighborhoods, cities, and states. We believe in doing the right thing and being an example of good business. You can learn more about Goldwater Bank solutions for your business here.