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Changing the Direction of Kids Lives: LSA Success Stories

By May 12, 2021Updates
LSA Success Stories

The Valley Guardians are constantly working to make sure that we are making the largest impact in the valley. One of the ways we do this is through mentorship and education. We believe that by helping students prepare for their future, they will be more successful adults, and break the cycle of generational poverty!

The Valley Guardians and the Leadership Society of Arizona have come together to make the Executive leadership Program. The Executive Leadership Program offers mentorship and education to children in the valley. They focus on a whole student approach and work to set personal goals and improvements. The executive Leadership program helps students improve social skills, making friendships, and creating a path for individual success, all while taking time to be kids.

Today we highlight the success of one of the getaways, and the success stories of one of our scholars!

Spring Picnic

The Executive Leadership Program Is Helping Kids Be Kids.  On Saturday, May 1st, the Leadership Society of Arizona organized a fun getaway for our scholars. Students were excited for a chance to socialize —22 students showed up, of which 13 were scholars of the Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program.

It was a great day for students to get a chance to enjoy the spring weather, and have fun with other scholars.

During this day of fun in the sun, students were able to relax, play basketball and volleyball, listen to good music, eat some good food, and get soaked by playing in numerous water challenges.

See the Picnic here:

Student Success Story: Anthony Garcia

The Executive Leadership Program is helping scholars set and reach their goals for their own growth. These goals focus on Personal goals like time management, sleep schedules,

exercise, and development of interests, or Professional goals, such as improving study skills and beginning college/job searches.

LSA recently shared a success story on one of the first Trailblazer Scholars, Anthony Garcia. He was amongst a small cohort of six students who were rigorously assessed and selected to be a part of the first Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program (which is now entering its third year). Genesis Academy called these students, Trailblazers because they were setting a trend for younger aspiring students to follow in their footsteps.

Things haven’t always been easy for Anthony, despite his laid back and cool demeanor when he first joined the program he was lost and didn’t have much hope for his own future.

Through the Trailblazer, and Executive leadership program, Anthony set goals that guided him to a more successful lifestyle.

His Main Goals Were To:

  •   Become More Self-reliant
  •   Develop better social skills
  •   Build Lasting Relationships

Anthony is a man of few words, but when he speaks everyone wants to know what he has to say. When asked on how the program has impacted him Anthony had this to say: “Teenage years are difficult. I’m thankful LSA was there directing and helping me in making the right choices for my future.” – Anthony Garcia

Anthony’s success didn’t stop post-graduation. Since his graduation last year, he has gone on to accomplish the following:

  •   Is a First-Generation College Attendee, with working on his goal to become a dental hygienist
  •   Is Working Full-Time and Holds The 3rd Top Position At His Workplace
  •   Continues To Develop his social Skills and relationships with customers, coworkers, friends, and family

This Is What It Is All About

“This is Amazing, he has come a long way, and really put in the work.  He really changed his life around and is on a great path now.  This is what it is all about, changing the direction of these kids’ lives.” – Loren Howard, President of the Valley Guardians, 2021

Thank You, LSA for helping us to change the future of the children in the valley!

The Valley Guardians are proud to help make a difference for all of our scholars. If you would like to make a donation, please donate today.