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New Programs And Initiatives

By June 1, 2020Updates
valley guardians new programs
The Valley Guardians have been hard at work since our fundraiser in March. We have launched our first Easter Initiative, have revamped our Trailblazer program, and announced our partnership with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital! As always, The Valley Guardians is committed to serving the children in our valley with the best initiatives and programs that are focused on education, mentorship, and providing resources to those in need.
We worked closely with the Santo Nino Catholic Community for our Easter Initiative. We provided Easter baskets full of delicious meals, for families most affected by COVID-19. Our baskets contained turkeys, hams, potatoes, beans, canned goods, and a $25 gift card. We had cars lined around the block for pick up for over 200 families!
We are proud to announce our new Executive Leadership Program with Lead AZ! The Valley Guardians Executive Leadership Program was designed to provide success coaching for students (ages 12-18) and scholarship funding up to $5,000 per year for 4 years!  The scholarship covers success coaching, academic assistance, technology, and any other financial costs as needed. This year-long program takes top students who are motivated to improve themselves, have a thirst for knowledge, and want to develop a vision for their life. At our core, we believe that no child’s circumstances should hold them back from success.

The Valley Guardians are honored to officially partner with the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation! Together, we offer The Guardian Fund which is used to help at-risk families that are affected during these critical times in need.

The Valley Guardians have pledged a donation of $50,000 dollars for the fiscal year of 2020. The Guardian fund will be used for the following:

  1. Financial assistance with Families during their stay at PCH

  2. Direct medical expense assistance with treatments

  3. Direct assistance with patients/families bills/mortgages/unforeseen expenses while at PCH

Through the Guardian Fund, The Valley Guardians can help families that need direct assistance during admission at the Hospital and after to assist Families getting back on their feet during challenging times. By helping not only the sick children directly, but Valley Guardians will also support the family unit which will ease the pressure and burden while the child is in the hospital.

The Valley Guardians are working hard to provide the best programs and initiatives for children that need it most!  As a 501-c3 with our zero-operating budget, we ensure that 100% of your donations are used to help children of all backgrounds reach their full potential. Thank you for your generous support and for being a part of the Valley Guardians!