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Valley Guardians Sponsor Highlight: Security National Mortgage

Legacies, and impacts. These two things are the driving factors of the Valley Guardians. With the help of our corporate sponsors we can continue to focus on helping children in the valley, and the impact we can make to change their lives!

We wanted to highlight, and thank SecurityNational Mortgage, one of our first-ever sponsors! With their support, we can continue to ensure that 100% of all our donations go directly to the children of the valley!

Meet Security National Mortgage Company

SecurityNational Mortgage Company is dedicated to servicing residential mortgage loans. SNMC has established relationships with some of the nation’s leading mortgage investors to provide a wide range of residential, rural, business, and commercial mortgage loans to the mortgage originators we serve. That means they can provide programs and options many of our competitors can’t.

“What I love most about what we do, is that we are helping others to achieve their homeownership dreams. It is a fast-paced business, but extremely rewarding to help someone get the keys to their home. I love the satisfaction of closing each transaction knowing that we can help someone get the best possible loan for a home!” Said Jess Trader, Branch Manager at Security National Mortgage, and Corporate Fundraising Director of the Valley Guardians.

Security National Mortgage Company has a laser pointed focus on helping clients find the perfect loan for their home. As the top mortgage lender and brokerage, they understand that finding the right loan is a necessity to owning a home. As a top 50 mortgage lender with loan officers and professional branches across the country, with SecurityNational,  you can turn any house into a home.

Giving Back To Build Our Future

“The focus on the kids, and that it is a 100% non-profit organization is what is so appealing to me about the Valley Guardians Mission. We are really doing something that has never been done before, and making a larger-than-life impact right here in our hometown.” Said Jess Trader, Branch Manager at Security National Mortgage, and Corporate Fundraising Director of the Valley Guardians.

With our sponsors and donors, The Valley Guardians work closely with the impoverished youth in Arizona to provide them scholarships, school supplies, and leadership and mentorship opportunities to guide them to a more successful future.

We help youth in the valley unlock their potential in the following ways:

  1. Offer Full-Ride Tuition Scholarships through the Challenge Foundation, which takes on historically underserved students from 5th grade through College, to attend prestigious private middle schools and college preparatory schools.
  2. Offer Scholarships to our Executive Leadership Program for students (ages 12-18) with financial needs. This program provides a Multi-year coaching opportunity to help students become happier, more successful, and plan for their futures. Scholars will have access to a fully integrated platform to walk-through the idea/inception to product/sales/services to start their own business. Scholars will present and pitch their potential businesses, with the winner being crowned with the first-ever Valley Guardians Entrepreneurship Award!
  3. The Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Valley Guardians collaborated to create the “Guardian Fund’, which helps at-risk families that are affected during these critical times in need. This includes Assistance with families during their stay at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Direct medical expense assistance with treatments, and Direct assistance with patients/families’ unforeseen expenses while at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  4. Holiday Initiatives:  The Valley Guardians offer year-round support to the Santo Nino Community with its mission to help give children a better life. We do these through our Holiday and Back to School initiatives. These Initiatives have provided: Over 9000 Pounds of Food, Delivered Over 500 Food Baskets, Over 700 Easter Baskets to Families Impacted By COVID-19, More Than 700 Christmas Presents for Children, and Back to School supplies for children in need

With the help of our sponsors, we can continue to ensure that 100% of donations made to the Valley Guardians can go directly to the children of our valley. 

Leaving A Legacy

“Leaving a legacy for my children to follow is my big motivator. I want them to be active in our community and give back. As the corporate Fundraising Director, I am working on new ways to bring new sponsors into The Valley Guardians, and help them feel appreciated and give them chances to be involved.” Said Jess Trader, Branch Manager at Security National Mortgage, and Corporate Fundraising Director of the Valley Guardians.

Thank you, SecurityNational Mortgage for your generous support of the Valley Guardians and to our community! Learn More about Security National Mortgage Here.