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What It Means To Be A Baker

By July 13, 2020Updates

In the famous book called “Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions“. The book talks extensively about transforming difficult situations into incredible relationships. Among many lessons of the book, they talk about the importance of “Being a Baker and not an Eater”. To be a baker is to contribute more to a community than you consume, as a baker believes that they can always make a bigger pie for everyone to have a piece. Eaters on the other hand are more concerned with getting their piece of the pie. To be a baker, you can always make more, you have an endless supply of pie.

Bakers enrich lives and are continuous sources of generosity. If you are someone who cares more about how the project gets done, and the impact the project makes, then you are a “baker”.

By Being A Part of The Valley Guardians, You Are A Baker!

When you donate to the Valley Guardians, you are ensuring that every cent goes to make an impact for the future of our Valley. Families get hot meals, sick children can spend more time with their families and focus on recovery, you help create special holiday memories with our holiday initiatives, children are given access to education, mentorship, and a chance to succeed!

The Valley Guardians Community has no shortage of bakers. From Grand Guardians, Honorary Guardians, every donor, sponsor, and volunteer!

The Grand Guardians

At each yearly auction, we announce The Grand Guardian, which is a recognition of generosity, and a signal of true leadership to those who make an impactful difference in their community, family, and workplace. This honor is held for those in the community who are beacons of generosity, leadership, and selflessness. Grand Guardians are extremely involved in the community, and a force of change for all they meet. Thoughtful leaders, coaches, and mentors to all they meet, who are constantly changing the lives of those around them.

Our Grand Guardians Are:

  • Naidu Vos, Grand Guardian 2020
  • Loren Howard, Grand Guardian 2019
  • Braden Hudye, Grand Guardian 2018
  • Brett Maas, Grand Guardian 2017

“It’s all about hope. Once someone sees they can make a difference in their own life, and is given that nudge of encouragement they can see they have a fighting chance. Whether it’s a hot meal, a job, or a Christmas gift, it is that twinkle in their eye to keep fighting and it inspires me to keep changing lives.” Naidu said on the importance of being a Grand Guardian. You can read more about the Grand Guardians here.

The First Honorary Guardian

The Valley Guardians has also announced our First Ever Honorary Guardian which is granted to someone who through their support, encouragement, and donations is making an impactful difference for the children of our community.

The First Honorary Guardian Is Glen Gibbons

“It is always extremely moving to hear how the children are affected by the charity. I was inspired by how The Valley Guardians have such a real impact on these children, it makes the trip worth it every year.  I fly from The Bahamas to Phoenix and the long trip is almost an afterthought when I see the difference I am making for these kids!” Glen shared on why he continues to come out to each yearly event and shows his support. You can read more about our First Honorary Guardian here.

Program Updates

We recently announced our newest programs and initiatives, such as our Partnership with the Phoenix Children Hospital and the Guardian Fund, which helps families with sick children pay for medical expenses to help spend time with their children.

Our new Executive Leadership Program with Lead AZ has been changing lives for so many children during these uncertain times. This year-long program takes top students who are motivated to improve themselves, have a thirst for knowledge, and want to develop a vision for their life. At our core, we believe that no child’s circumstances should hold them back from success.

They have created a whole new program online using a unique platform called Remo that has proven to be fun and effective at gathering the students in one location to socialize with each other while participating in our leadership workshops. So far, they have received 11 applications. They are expecting to receive up to 50 applications in the next few weeks.


No matter how you contribute to the Valley Guardians, be it time, donations, or support, just know that you are contributing to a better future for our community! We are granting children access to a future of their own creation, and removing any obstacles that prevent them from living their best life. More importantly by providing them opportunities and endless possibilities we are providing the most important thing, Hope.

You can learn more about how we are working hard to make an impact, or donate, here.

Though your endless support we are making lives better for children in the valley! Thank you for being A BAKER!